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Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education

The department offers programs which are innovative, accredited and promote excellence in the educational field. It’s programs are committed to the teaching of social justice and culturally sustaining pedagogies. It also recognizes the value of working with diverse populations, and is dedicated to the equity and excellence of all students. Our programs prepare those wanting to become elementary (K-8), highschool (9-12), or special education teachers. It also offers graduate level coursework leading to a master’s degree, advanced credentials, and certificates.

Our teaching credential programs include three (3) preliminary  teaching credential programs: Multiple Subject,  Single Subject, and an Education Specialist. The department also offers a Bilingual Spanish or Hmong Authorization and a Certificate of Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x Studies in Secondary Schooling.

At the graduate level, the LEBSE Department offers a Master of Arts program in Education with an option in Multilingual Multicultural Education, a Master of Arts program with an option in Reading/Language Arts with an added authorization and an advanced credential. It also offers a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education with an advanced credential and a Master of Arts in Special Education

Department Vision, Mission and Beliefs


To empower education professionals, schools, and communities.


The mission of the Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education is to engage and holistically support our teacher candidates and graduate students in developing competencies, knowledge, and resources to equitably serve our broader communities.


  1. We believe in inclusive education and that all means all students.
  2. We believe our diverse abilities, backgrounds, cultures, languages, and literacies are assets.
  3. We believe in creating developmentally appropriate educational experiences that encourage development of the whole person through deep questioning, research, and reflection.
  4. We believe in the discovery and advancement of new knowledge through collaborative inquiry, innovation, and research.
  5. We believe in engaging our broader communities as partners to maintain open communication, build trust, and foster relationships with students, educators, and families.

You’re invited to visit the faculty webpages to learn more about the LEBSE Department faculty and their professional interests. For more information about the department, please contact the Department Chair and/or the Department Administrative Support Coordinator via phone or email.

Contact Us

Visit Us: Education Building ED 250

Mailing Address: 5005 N. Maple Ave. M/S ED202, Fresno, CA 93740-8025

Imelda Basurto
Department Chair


Have a question, read our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet (link) for an answer!

Meet Our Faculty

Interested in teaching for the LEBSE Department? Click here if you are! 

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

Name Title Email
Imelda Basurto Professor, Department Chair and Coordinator, Single Subject Credential Program 
Lisa Bennett Associate Professor 
Monica Billen Associate Professor 
Christina Bosch Assistant Professor 
Feiyan Chen Associate Professor 
Kimberly Coy Associate Professor 
Erika Garcia Assistant Professor and Madera Professor in Residence

William Garnett Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Special Education Graduate Program 
Steve Hart Professor and Sanger Professor in Residence 
Heather Horsley Assistant Professor and Coordinator,  Residency Programs 
Teresa Huerta Associate Professor and Coordinator, Multilingual Multicultural Education Graduate Program 
David Low Associate Professor 
Michael Mahoney Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Education Specialist
Dana Powell Professor 
Kristina Rios Assistant Professor and Clovis Professor in Residency 
Tony Vang Associate Professor 
Juliet Wahleithner Associate Professor and Co-Director of Teacher Education 
Pei-Ying Wu Assistant Professor and Fansler Chair, Joyce M. Huggins Early Education Center 

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Catherine Mathis Lecturer 

Part-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Jill Bonds Lecturer

Suzanne Brandl Lecturer 
Eric Calderon Lecturer/Coach

Karen Dockery Lecturer 
Thea Fabian Lecturer

Jessica Galvan Lecturer

Maria Goff Lecturer

Janeen Goreen Lecturer

Christina Macias Lecturer 
Mathew Scott Merrill Lecturer

Lisa McPhetridge Lecturer 
Tangee Pinheiro Lecturer 
Joshua Salinas Lecturer

Sandra Richardson Lecturer 
Tracy Smith Lecturer/Coach 
Chrystal Swart Lecturer

Vang Thao Lecturer

Lisa Thompkins Lecturer

Maria Valdez Lecturer

Jeannette Vestal Lecturer 
Gladys Villanueva Lecturer

Nancy Walker Lecturer 
Kathy Wandler Lecturer 
Vicky Xiong-Lor Lecturer

Ellen Youssef Lecturer 

Deborah Folmer

Clinical Practice Coach 

Shelley Franco

Clinical Practice Coach 

Patricia Lewis

Clinical Practice Coach 

Sharon Malang

Clinical Practice Coach

Sina Shamp

Clinical Practice Coach

Geoffrey Tiftick

Clinical Practice Coach